The software is customary of commands, and programs, which are used to operate machines and execute specific tasks. Relation going with hardware through data describes the physical aspects of a computer is known as software.

When software is completed, it is passed through many phases in which it performs many tests to complete its process. This is called the software testing life cycle. It has multiple steps, which are the following.

Software Testing Life Cycle:

Here are some simple steps which are tangled with STLC.

Requirements Analysis:

It is the very first step in this STLC. It is related to quality assurance, in which a team is hired for inspection and figure out the remaining issues in the software. If any issue arises, the team is responsible for correction and later passes it further for additional levels.

Test Planning:

It is a very important level in software development where all testing strategies are defined briefly. In this level testing planners or different companies are involved in the physical testing of the software. This level is operational when all the gathering is completed from requirement analysis. Once this level is concluded, the team will move forward to a further level.

Test Case Development:

This is the phase where the STLC team gathers up all the information relating to software and Writes its detail version in the form of documentation. In this documentation phase, each and every information is placed in this document even the tests which are failed and retesting approval are also mentioned in this phase. In this phase Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM) is also arranged, which helps in tracking requirements which are been used for the project.

Test Environment Case:

Working on Environment case is the most essential part of Software. In this phase, it is decided that on what condition the test is going to be performed. This is the phase that is performed afterward test case development. This is an independent activity in this stage no team is involved for testing. The software is tested by companies for companies. In the meantime, the software testing life cycle team is applying smoke tests on the projects.

Test Execution:

Once the environment case is completed, the next phase is involved in which all test is performed again and again to obtain the test results which have low grades. In other words, every failed test is tested again to get the final level of the software testing life cycle.

All these levels have way too much importance in the software testing life cycle, every software is passed from this cycle to get in the market, or get published.