Quality Assurance:

Quality assurance is the today’s demanded position in any industry. Every company have a Quality department, which is find a defects in products and services. Quality assurance is a process which perform testing and checking in the services and products, it is defined as an activity to ensure that an organization is giving the best services to the customer. Quality assurance focuses on developing its own processes to take deliver a quality product to the customer.

Quality Assurance Role:

Quality assurance manager (QAM) maintain this role, to manage and improving the process in own company. What is the benefits of a company for following this policies? It give the benefits of a company to improve an organization productivity and quality based products.

Software Testing:

Software testing identifies the actual result of your software throughout expected result. It helps to identify the error, gaps and bugs on your software, that’s why you should test your software because it maybe makes a good performance of your software. Software testing techniques, is an investigation in software error, bugs and defects with information about the quality of a services test or particular product testing.

Types of Software Tesing:

There are many types of software testing are the following;

• Functional testing

• Non-functional testing

• Maintenance testing

Functional Testing:

Functional testing is played a pivotal role in software testing which verifies that each function of the software operates with requirement specification. It’s includes with black box testing and it is concerned about the source code of the software.

Non Functional Testing:

Non-functional testing is a type of software testing. It checks the performance, reliability, usability, scalability and other non-functional aspects of software. Non-functional testing should be performed after functional testing.

Maintenance Testing:

Maintenance testing is the type of software testing. It is identified equipment problem, diagnose equipment problem, or to set up measure equipment effective.

Online Software Testing Course:

 It is the software testing course major part of quality assurance. This is online course. You can join from anywhere in software testing or quality assurance perspectives. It will be providing the basic of Quality assurance or software testing to advanced level of topics like software testing confirmation, creating a testing plan with online software testing.    

Need a Skill for Software Testing or Quality Assurance:

 Communication and Reporting

• Methodology of modern generation

• Code of understanding

• Mapping of business situation

• Process of the system

• Automatic process system

Software Testing Certification:

QA Training USA provide software testing certification. This is very most profitable certification of software testing or quality assurance. If you want to take certificate before you should apply job position in quality assurance as a manual tester jobs or quality analyst jobs.

Average Salary of Software Tester:

Software tester or Quality assurance engineer at least salary $36 and at most salary $76 per month but depend your skill, how much give time so, how much earn.